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Whether you have a vintage inboard ski boat, small pontoon, or fishing boat, MAX has a lift for you. Each lift is designed to be the best in it’s class, with features you can count on. All lifts in this class feature Nylatron® pulleys, tower guide rollers, stainless leveling cables, 84″ tall welded towers, and industry leading lifting Heights to make sure your boat is out of the water and well protected.

These are available in 3000-7000 pound lift capacity.

These lifts are also completely customizable, you can have electric or manual winch systems.

They also come with or without the canaopy/canopy frame, the canopies can be whichever size you need. They come in multiple colors and styles as well.

There are also a bunch of add-ons/accessories for these hoists such as guides, lights, cover holders. etc..